Sunday, August 15, 2010

So I said I would update

It had been a while.

Last time I wrote I had just started a new job as a banker and for the most part loved it. Well over the last 6 months I have grown to hate it. Not the job but the other teller are what turned me away from it. Mean Girls comes to mind. I wanted to quite so bad but told my self that no matter where I work I would find people that I did not like. So I stuck it out.

Other then life nothing really happened till about a month or so ago.

I woke up the morning after the 4th of July weekend and hurt like heck in my ribs. Shawn told me to go to the ER and I told him I had to go to work. I went to work and then left to go to the ER. I won my self a week long stay in the hospital. I got what they call narcotizing pneumonia. If you don't know what it means the look it up cause the only thing I know is it is flesh eating. I ended up with a couple of holes in my lungs. My mom was wonderful and came down to help while I was getting better. Boy do I miss having her so close and Kayden misses his grandma. But despite being sick we had a wonderful time together.

Due to missing so much work for being sick they put me on a written warning. I went home that night and really thought about what I need to do, What was best for my family? What was best for me and my health? Well I decided that I needed to quite my job and focus on my family and my health - Two things that have really struggled since I have gone back. It will be tough but it will be worth it in the end.

So that is the short of the last 6 months.

I am once again a stay at home mommy. Kayden goes to Preschool from 830-1130 and then will be home with me in the afternoon. We are gonna try to get back involved with the mommy group and also with other spouses in Shawn's squadron. I am focusing on my health. I have lots of appts in the up coming month. I get to go back to the cooking and cleaning and all that fun stuff that I have missed. I can taste the fresh baked bread now :)

I promise I will update more

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update SOON

I will update soon - So much has happened since I undated last. So much has changed.

I will do it this week I promise.