Sunday, February 28, 2010

Been in a . . .

Funk I guess you could call it. Life is going better then I could ever want. We have started making friends and I am working again. I have a wonderful hubby that is there for me when ever I need him. I dont know what it is but just I dont know what it is but something is just right.

Enough about that.

We have had an awesome weekend. Had 11 poeple over at our house for a little BBQ on Sat. Made my Grandma's Stinky Steak and Tater Salad. Everyone loved it. The boys played rockband and the kiddos helped out. Kayden made another new little GF. He is quite the ladys man I tell ya.

Today we went out to lunch with Uncle Dennis and our new friends. We then decided to go down to the beach. The kiddo played a while and then we decided it was still a little cold. Maybe next weekend.

Gonna try to get our house all clean and ready for this next week. Lets hope it is a good one.

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