Saturday, February 20, 2010


Life has been busy - SO much has happened since I last posted. Not like I have a ton of people that read my blog or anything. but still.

We now have Shawn's car back.. He flew to Vegas a couple weekends ago and drove it back. It is nice to have 2 cars again with me working. That is when the busyness all started. I took Kayden to a Mardi gaud parade. It was one of the worst I had ever been too. The people on the floats wanted to ignore the kiddos and pay attention to the drunk adults. I just don't get it. After that we went and had his pictures taken in Pensacola and had a fun time out there. One of my list of things to get done today is getting pics in the mail. It will make some people very happy. On Sunday Kayden and I did our weekly shopping and Shawn got home just in time for dinner. He had the next two days off so tried to catch up on our everlasting pile of laundry and pick up the house. He needed to take Kayden to get his H1N1 mist,. I would not of had it done but since I am back at work and he is in daycare they require it. Shawn was telling me about there experience. He said that Kayden walked up to the Tech Sergeant in his blues and asked him if he gave a military discount. If I had been there I think I would of crawled under a chair. I told Shawn it either means that he is out with his mother too much or is mom is shopping too much. Oh well. Cute none the less.

We have been busy at work. We are a little short handed, It makes the day fun !! I am still loving my job and going to work every morning. Kayden has started acting out in daycare. I don't think he likes me going back to work. it is not that he does not like Ms Nicole but that he misses his mom and he is gonna see how far he can push her. He ended up grounded this week from toys and cartoons cause he could not mind her and was hitting and being a bully. It does not seem to faze him when he gets stuff taken away. We are gonna have our hands full.

The last weekend was valentines weekend and we had a wonderful but yet busy weekend again. We stayed down at PCB for the night so that Shawn could take me out to a Brazilian Steak House. It was yummy and I felt like I could of eaten all night. I would of if we had not had a child with us that was bugging us to leave. We stayed at a nice hotel on the beach and went for a walk in the morning. I could not decided if we wanted to stay another night or head home. We decided to head home but really ended up in AL for the night to see Austin, Adam and Elle. We had a wonderful visit and the boys played so well together. Austin is doing better then I ever thought he would be doing.

After the weekend it was back to the grind., Shawn has been coming to have lunch with me quite often and I love seeing him in the middle of the day and just having lunch the two of us.

This weekend we are laying low and gonna try to catch up on stuff that has been getting missed. I HAVE to get back in to meal planning or well we just eat out way too much, I have enough food in the house to feed a small army.

Off to get stuff done and might be back later to update the look of my blog. We wills see.

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