Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

I know I should be spending time with the family and not posting on my blog but I had to get this done so my MIL can see pics of Kayden while she has internet access later today.

Looking at what Santa got him

Checking Santas bag to see what else there is

Santa got me undies

Nothing else in here - Maybe I can find an elf

Christmas morning was wonderful. Kayden did not wake up until almost 8 and came into our room telling me that Santa had come and brought him presents. We got out of bed and found our loot. I will let the pics tell the story.

Checking out his stocking

Willy Wonka Candy - Now I can go to the chocolate factory

All his stocking loot

All his presents from Mom and Dad and Grammy and Papa

The aftermath.

I think he made out pretty good

back to the marble tower

Lost both of my boys to new toys

Now the boys are playing with there new toys and I am doing this. Thinking about getting in the kitchen soon to make breakfast and get out stuff done for Shawns Uncles dinner. Will take pics of the for our WA family.

We love you all and hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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