Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got Candy ??

Between Halloween, Holiday parades and Christmas we have more candy then I know what to do with. Kayden does not get it a lot. He has enough energy that he does not need sugar to help. We have gone through it I don't know how many times and either thrown it away or I have sent it to work with Shawn. I have my stash that is just mine and Kayden cant have. It is so hard when candy from a holiday goes on clearance not to buy more but I just don't need it.

I had a little helper while making my cookies. I think this is his favorite part of baking with mom.

Well I was bored today and have been wanting to make cookies. I did a search for cookie blogs and came up with Cookie Madness. I think I found a new favorite cookie website. So many things look good. I ran across Smore Cookies and decided that I was gonna make them and gosh darn it I could use some of the candy that I have been trying to use up. So I got the candy off the top shelf and dug though it to find all my mini Hersey bars. I had just enough to make my cookies.

So off I went to make these little beauties. They smelled divine. I know if I try one I will have to try them all. My hips don't need that.

I strongly suggest you make these cookies.

Now off to find more recipes that I can use up more of that darn candy. Any Suggestions ???

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