Monday, January 24, 2011

MPM Week 4

Monday 1-24
BLT,Chips and Fruit
I had made homemade bread to go with this but Kayden decided that he could not wait for dinner and ate the middle out of my fresh bread.

Tuesday 1-25
Spicy Chicken Tacos and Fresh Fruit
We love these. made it with some mexican rice.

Wednesday 1-26
Grilled Bacon Cheese burgers, Baked Beans and fries.
I did not feel like getting together all the stuff that goes with grilled burgers so we just had fried with mashed taters and gravy. It was super yummy

Thursday 1-27
Ham and porgies with Garlic butter sauce,Green Beans and French Rolls
What a slacker I was today. We had Chicken Nachos with all the fixens. I will maybe move this to next week.

Friday 1-28
Sweet and Sour pork, Rice and Egg Rolls

Saturday 1-29
B - Puffed apple pancake and sausage
L -
D - Maybe out ???

Sunday 1-30
B - French toast and Bacon
L -
D -Grilled Steak and Tater Salad - Gonna try to think of another side.

I will post recipes this week. Most of them are one I have had for a while that has been passed down from family.

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  1. Everything sounds soooo good. Too bad we don't live closer ;) Wish I could be this organized with my meals.