Saturday, January 1, 2011


WOW - What a year it has been. Glad to see it go and see what the new year brings.
Shawn and I playing around.

I have gotten and quite a job, I have found my way back to rehab, I have learned a lot about my self and why I do some of things I do. Have made some really awesome new friends and have worked on my relationship with Shawn. All in all it was a good year but am looking forward to what 2011 will bring.

Last night we had fun. Took Kayden to a ball drop at 6 for the kiddos. He thought it was pretty cool and I thought it was pretty cheesy. The had the ball at the top of a flag pole and at 6 pm it started it decent down and it took about 30 secs. But we rang in the new year and then went and had Chinese buffet with Nate and Melissa. I love Chinese buffet. So yummy. We came back to the house and decided to watch a movie. Despicable Me. Oh my was it cute. I watched the ball drop in NYC and headed to bed. I think Kayden made it up till 830 or so. We are an early to bed family.

Kayden playing before the ball drop

On our way back to the ball drop after some Starbucks

The ball at the bottem

Ball going up

Watching the ball go up

Waiting for the count down

Ball dropping - A slow decent


Today we are doing a big ham dinner and more movie watching - Cant wait. Hope everyone has a wonderful new year. I am hoping ours will be WONDERFUL.

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