Monday, January 3, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 1

So last week I did a really good job of sticking to what I said I was gonna make.

I love having things planned out, For me it makes dinner time easier. Now I don't like the tasking of thinking what we are gonna have. It always seems to take me forever.

Monday - Thai peanut lettuce wraps and Rice

Tuesday - BLT with cheese and Homemade jojo taters.
Made this with homemade bread and soup instead. The bread was so yummy !!

Wednesday - Steak Sammy and Onion rings

Thursday - Ham fried rice and Egg rolls

Friday - Pretzel Dogs and Cole slaw

Saturday - Yummy pork chops, Rice and Green Beans
We ended up having the Lasagna today because we had my aunt and uncle over for dinner - It turned out so yummy.

Sunday - Lasagna and homemade bread
We are gonna have pork chops tonight. Instead of Green Beans I am gonna make up some steamed broccoli
that needs to be used up or I might roast it.

See told ya I was having a hard time. I feel like we are eating a lot of easy foods this week.

Along with meals I am gonna try to make a loaf of bread on Tuesday and also on Sunday. Going to make cookies when ever I feel the urge.

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