Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I think I have that word right.
Kayden woke up late this morning, I bet if I had not turned his light on he would of slept a little longer.

I am usually pretty hard on him about going to school everyday. But today I thought I would be nice and he could spend all day with mom.

So we are just gonna have a nice relaxing mommy and son day.

We got up and made big breakfast as he calls it. He wanted egg, bacon and toast but I did not have any bacon in fridge. So he settled on eggs fried in bacon grease and toast. He fried his egg and put down his toast and helped me with mine as well.

After big breakfast we are gonna go to walmart and then we are gonna get dad some lunch, He needs a lite one today cause he has a PT test this afternoon.

After lunch I think we will make cookies together. I love Mommy and Me time.

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