Monday, January 10, 2011

MPM - Week 2

This is my third week and have been doing really good. Meal planning helps so much. Takes the question out of what I am gonna cook unless I have a night like tonight were I still had pork chops but could not decide on how to cook them or what side to make.

What am I gonna make this week -

Monday - Over at a friends for Lasagna and football. We are gonna bring garlic bread. Should be fun.

Tuesday - Chicken Tacos (Link)
Don't think I will make these again. Just not what we look for in tacos, Did not have a lot of flavor.

Wednesday - Pineapple and Ham Melts and Homemade Chips (Link)
This was really good, I think it would be better with teriyaki sauce. The homemade chips were awsome.

Thursday - Out to Dinner - Sonny's BBQ - on Thur they have all you can eat beef. I LOVE IT !!

Friday - Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Taters, Gravy and Biscuits

Saturday - Chicken Nachos (Link)
We ended up going out tonight for a date night, Will have Chicken Nachos tomorrow.

Sunday - Pot Roast, Taters, Glazed Carrot and Crescent Rolls
I cook up the roast and am gonna use it for meals down the road.

To heck out more meal plans head over to HERE

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