Friday, January 15, 2010

BEEF is what for dinner.

For those that know me you know I am not a big beef eater. But sometimes a steak just sounds really good. I have been stocking up on new york strips when I go shopping. I can get a pack of 2 at the commissary for 8 bucks.

We decided to have some BBQ steaks,Baked taters, Grilled onions and Bacon wrapped corn on the cob for dinner last night.

The steak was delish and the taters was good, But the corn needed some work. When we BBQ and have corn I just wrap it in some foil and have Shawn toss it on the grill. It is most nights done by the time my steak is. Well not last night, Shawn brought in dinner and I could handle the corn with no problems, I was telling him it was not done but he insisted it was. i opened it and the bacon was raw still so I tossed it in the oven on 500 for about 20 mins and it was nice and crunchy. I will make it again just not on the BBQ. The one thing that did turn out well is I sliced up an onion and put it with a little butter and some pepper in a foil pack and had Shawn put that on the grill. YUMMY !!!!

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