Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holy Batman !!!

So in the base house he have this room off the dinning room. When we first looked at the house I was puzzled as to what it was for. Well I found a purpose.


For some insane reason I have a fear of running out of things. I really don't know where it comes from and sometimes I feel bad for Shawn because of it. It was really hard for me the last year not having space of my own. I feel much better now that I can stock pile stuff again. I wait for most of it to go on sale and stock up on it using coupons. Most time I get a pretty good deal.

Well here is the stock piling I have done since we moved in. I don't think we are gonna run out soon. We also have the deep freezer full of stuff too.

Also notice the rock band stuff. That is something we have taken a liking too.

I know I am strange. But that's why ya love me !!!

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