Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I hate being in a funk.

In a good note I start my new job tomorrow. I am excited and scared all at the same time. It is banking I know I will do fine. I am excited to be putting Kayden back into daycare and getting out of the house all day.

On a not good note, I put onion peel down the garbage disposal last night while I was cleaning up the kitchen to make dinner, I always let it run for a couple of mins after I think all the food is gone. It started backing up in the sink. I called maintenance and they said it it not important to call back today. THIS IS VERY URGENT MATTER TO ME !! I call them this morning they say tell me that I have to wait till tomorrow at 8 am. NOT OK. I have a kitchen to clean and a floor to mop. They should be out sometime today but that means I have to sit here till they come over and fix it. I love FL but am not loving the housing maintenance.
A lessoned learned - Don't put onion peel down the drain :)

Another good note - The house is getting all they way cleaned, I want to start tomorrow with a clean house.

Tonight I am gonna post a bunch with some new recipes. Lots of good stuff the last couple of days !!!

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