Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh no she did not !!!

SO I love my new job so far, and don't think it is gonna change. Most be have been there for a long time.
It is a small bank, there are only 4 branches and I am working at the main one. With me going back to work a M-F job we had to put Kayden back in to daycare.

Well the provider that we chose was out sick today so she found someone else we could take him to for the day. Let me start by saying that I had a bad feeling from the get go on it. I did not have a copy of all his records with me but the other provider was gonna email them over to her. She called Shawn at 11 this morning and told him that he needed to get her a copy of the records now or he had to come pick him up. We are down to one car for two more weeks so that was gonna take a little work. She told him that she was afraid that she was gonna lose her license over this. So her hubby picked Shawn up from work and took him to get a copy of his records and took him back to work. What a pain in the tosh.

Fast forward to me getting home I am asking Kayden how his day was and he tell me that he got to go to the park. Mind you all the parks on base are in walking distance form this lady's house, He proceeds to tell me that she let him ride in the front seat with out a car seat. Kayden is almost 4 - He does not know how to lie yet. I asked him I cant tell ya how many times and different ways I asked him about this. The answer was always the same. I called and talked to her and she told me that according to FCC policy she can let him ride in the front cause her airbag will turn off and that he was in a car seat, That she has 4 car seats, Funny thing she had 5 kids today. Long story short I am reporting her tomorrow morning. That is not OK to let my baby ride in the car with no car seat.

I am glad he is going to the other provider tomorrow.

There is gonna be a post over load in a little bit, I have I think 3 to post with pics.

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