Friday, January 8, 2010

Opps and a funny

So the second day into my food blog and I don't even cook dinner. We had a bunch of stuff to do after Shawn got off work yesterday so we decided to just go out. We went to a local restaurant called Fuddpuckers. If you ask Kayden it is his favorite restaurant. There is two in FL and they have alligators. I had some really yummy chicken with bacon and jack cheese on it. Shawn and Kayden had chicken strips with fries. One thing I love about living in the south is every place serves sweet tea !!!

So tonight I will make what we were supposed to have last night.

On to the funny. So When Kayden is being a butt Shawn will ask him if he wants a red butt. He always says "no". Well yesterday I was sitting here and Kayden came up to me and said. Mommy I have a red butt. I looked over and he had taken his red marker and colored his little bum red.

He is so my child.

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